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Application of laser technology in food packaging industry

Shenzhen Youkong Laser Technology Co., Ltd popularity: publishing time:2020-10-26 S M L

As the saying goes: People rely on food as their heaven. Food safety is related to everyone's health and life. Whether we can guarantee food safety and let people eat healthy and safe food is a "great matter" for us.

In the food industry, food packaging can effectively protect food and prevent damage during food transportation. Technologies such as vacuum packaging and aseptic packaging can more effectively preserve food and increase the validity period of food. At the same time, food packaging is also an important window to enhance the corporate brand image and strength display, and it is also the most important bridge to protect the rights and interests of consumers and contact manufacturers. So how to solve the various problems encountered in food packaging from the source?

1. The application of laser marking in food packaging

I believe everyone is more or less annoyed by the experience of opening those "solid" food packaging! How to make food packaging more humane?

Laser scribing is a technology that uses lasers on multilayer composite packaging materials to achieve "easy tearing" effects.

Advantages of using laser marking technology for food packaging:

1. Scribe only the selected film layer, and other film layers will not be affected;

2. You can freely choose the shape of the line;

3. The production is a non-contact and wear-free process;

Second, the application of laser drilling in food packaging

As we all know, the quality and shelf life of perishable food depend on the balance of air circulation in the product packaging and humidity in the packaging.

In order to achieve the packaging with enough small holes, the use of laser technology to punch holes has become the first choice for perishable food.

Advantages of using laser perforation technology for food packaging:

1. The size of the holes and the number of holes can be precisely controlled;

2. Fine holes can be punched and the edges of the holes can be broken;

3. The packaging that can be torn off along the dotted line can be made with high-density small holes;

4. Low loss in the production process and high reliability;

Third, the application of laser marking in food packaging

From large companies to small vendors, everyone knows the issue of altering the shelf life of food. Only consumers are kept in the dark by the "hidden rules". Unscrupulous companies play the "date game" and make illegal profits. They treat foods that have or will expire and put them on the market after a new look, seriously infringing on the rights and interests of consumers.

So how to contain the production date on food packaging from the source?

A more effective measure is to use laser marking to "engrave" the production date and other information on the package with a laser.

Advantages of using laser marking technology for food packaging:

1. It can effectively prevent counterfeiting of product identification and increase added value;

2. It can make the product look higher-grade, enhance the brand awareness of the product, and have strong market competitiveness;

3. Environmental protection and safety, without any corrosiveness, completely isolated from chemical pollution;

4. No consumables are needed, and the production cost is low;

The wide application of laser technology in all walks of life is by no means just a talk. For example, laser marking machines are used in electronics industry applications, aerospace technology applications, mobile phone accessories light-transmitting buttons, automotive and motorcycle parts, military products The application of sanitary ware, cosmetics, food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, jewelry, craft gifts and other metal and non-metallic materials. Needless to say, it has been deeply involved in all aspects of our lives.

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