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Laser cutting FPC soft board

Shenzhen Youkong Laser Technology Co., Ltd popularity: publishing time:2020-10-26 S M L


FPC flexible circuit board product structure

Composed of a flexible copper foil substrate and a flexible insulating layer

Adhesive, pressed together after sticking

Has many advantages that rigid circuit boards do not have

Using FPC flexible circuit board

Can greatly reduce the volume of electronic products

Applicable electronic products to high density

Development of high reliability and miniaturization

Especially under the current wave of 5G replacement

Will promote the jump in FPC production capacity

Laser cutting FPC soft board

Drive the rapid development of 5G terminal products


5G commercial, terminal first

Mobile phones are the core of the Internet of Everything

5G smartphones will usher in high growth in 2020

FPC soft board is an important part of 5G smart phone

Such as display module, fingerprint module, camera module

Antennas, vibrators, etc. need to use FPC soft boards

According to industry research, FPC soft board on iPhone

The amount has reached more than 20 yuan

At the same time, domestic leading brands Huawei, OPPO, etc.

Also increased the amount of FPC to more than 10 yuan

Mass distribution and supply of FPC soft boards

Inseparable from the high-efficiency and automated production characteristics of laser cutting


FPC soft board cutting using laser technology

Is the current mainstream method and the future trend

Flexible automatic processing method of laser cutting

High-precision processing effect, flexible and controllable processing process

Make it in the FPC soft board processing process

Has an irreplaceable position

In addition, laser cutting is compared to mechanical stress processing

Has the advantage of lower loss during processing

Laser cutting is non-contact processing, no tool loss

Short cycle time of automated production and fast cutting speed

Can significantly reduce manufacturing costs in mass production


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