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Laser cutting bird house building a warm home for birds

Shenzhen Youkong Laser Technology Co., Ltd popularity: publishing time:2020-10-26 S M L


The flight of birds

It’s a show without any choreography

And the natural aerial dance

Bird's song

Is the sound of nature

The rhythm of life is hidden

And now, with the progress of human life

Urban reconstruction, demolition of old houses, expansion of land to build houses...

Threaten their living environment

Many birds also lost their homes

To protect birds is to protect nature

A treasure for mankind

Laser cutting the bird house to be the guardian of the bird

Give the birds a warm home

Wood is a common material for building bird houses

Natural wood is always clean and rustic

Fresh and natural comfort

The bird house drawing designed by the laser cutting machine according to the computer

High-reduction precision cutting on wooden boards

Continue to write the fresh and elegant meaning of solid wood in a modern shape

With bursts of woody fragrance

Let every breath of the bird

Can taste the breath of nature

Bird houses are not limited to wooden presentations

Acrylic is also one of the popular materials in bird house design

Colorless acrylic has smooth and shiny edges after laser cutting

Transparent material no matter in sunny or rainy weather

Can blend well into the background environment

It won’t be particularly obtrusive because of hanging the bird house

The open structure allows the birds to eat more safely

With the transformation of craftsmanship and the influence of fashion elements

In the past, the simple bird house glowed with amazing innovations

The laser-cut bird house is a haven for the birds to shelter from the wind and rain

It is also a work of art to beautify the environment

Achieved a perfect combination of art, public welfare, technology, and the three aspects

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